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I was kind of hoping this film would strike more cords with me, what with the 40 thing, but it really didn’t. Maybe I’m not as 40ish as I think I am. ( this is good, this is my 40, not This Is 40’s forty )

Being forty sucks,
it’s because you feel it should.
Actually it’s fine.

Another film, another haiku. This one was tricky to write well, still not sure about the last line but it does kind of work so i’m going with it……

Tigers are tricky
to share a boat with, Pi does
commendably though..

So, another Haiku, about another film about how depressing love is. Lovefilm is sending me some frankly bleak films at the moment. God job my love life is so fulfilled at the moment *sob*

Sex and death create
disjointed sorrow, in the
defiant sixties.

When i’m not being angsty about love, i also watch films. I could, if I was inclined, write reviews of these films, but the reviews would most probably consist of “I liked this film, it was great because it had horses in it and there was good stuff that happened”.
Not really up to scratch i’m sure you’ll agree.
So instead, in the first of a sort of ongoing series, i’m going to write haikus instead. Movie Haiku yay!

I’m sure its been done before, but I very much doubt its been done with such little regard for the traditions of both haiku writing, and film reviewing. Yeah.
Anyhow, first up is the beautifully shot, but very depressing 2012 version of Wuthering Heights.

Heathcliff and Cathy
have bad times on sublime moors
love is bleak as fuck


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