I’ve been on t’internets in various blogging forms for a while now and this is my latest attempt at it. I’m massively torn between keeping this blog anonymous and running with the freedom that brings, and erm, doing whatever the opposite of anonymous is, and shouting it from the digital rooftops.

Some useless facts about me……

  •  I wanted to be Firestar from Spiderman and his Amazing friends when I was little. I say little, but that would be cool now too.
  • I once lost my eyesight for 20 minutes by banging my head on a gravestone. It was awkward.
  • I’m actually pretty good at painting.
  • I’m named after a Goddess.
  • I love cats.
  • I’ve seen 2 comets and countless meteors, but no aurora borealis. It’s on my list though.
  • I’m also a pretty good photographer, I have a tumblr here> http://atraceofscarlet.tumblr.com/ which will back up this bold statement, honestly.

If you’re after less useless facts then you can also check out this interview with me on The Huffington Post’s website. I say less useless, but to be honest that’s still open to interpretation.

Oh, and I also write stuff for the Huffington Post blog, which is different stuff to here. Mostly. Here’s the link..

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