I’ve been around for a while now, and every now and again I discover something that makes me really think I wish I’d discovered this a whole lot sooner than now.
These things are often things that other people know about, and have been singing about for ages, which makes it doubly face-palming that I’ve only just really discovered them in the last year or so.
For instance, I’ve recently discovered the joy of going to the gym. Yes, THE GYM. For years I’ve known about this place, but I’ve always been too scared to join one. It’ll be full of mega fit people, all muscly and tanned, i’d say, It’s not for the likes of me.

But people of the internet, wait! it’s just not true! Yes, there are muscly people there, yes, some of them are tanned, but there’s also people like us ( I say ‘us’, but there is a very real possibility I’m really just talking about ‘me’ ). Admittedly, the gym I go to is the cheapest one in town, but I like to think of it as The Peoples Gym, where everyone is equal, and all are welcome. Honestly, all gyms should have old men wrestling on mats, and people with mullets balancing on basketballs, cause that’s how The Peoples Gym rolls. Oh yeah.

And the best thing about going to the gym, the thing I wish I’d discovered years ago about it?
It’s fantastic for relieving stress. Honestly, it’s like a drug. If I have a bad day, then I go to the gym, and exercise the fuck out of the stepping cross trainer thing (technical term obviously ), and then I feel fine. It’s an endorphin based miracle.

I wish I’d discovered this years ago. And as a plus you also get fit and stuff. I even have guns!* Or at least one anyhow, left arm is looking like a boss. right arm, not so much. Should probably do something about that.

*not actual guns, that would be scary, and probably really bad gym etiquette as well.