There’s something I do when I message someone. Its kind of irrational, and has no real purpose, but I do it anyhow.

After writing my message, I press send, and then close the webpage immediately. For some reason I can’t stand being on the website, be it OKC or POF or whatever, once the message is sent. It’s worse if I know the other person is online as well ( I’m looking at you  OKcupid, lets make the awkwardness even more awkward, you dick 😦  ). I image their message box lighting up, and then I imagine them reading the message, and it’s all just too uncomfortable and weird.

In my little head it’s the equivalent of being caught sending messages to people in school and then being made to read them out in front of the class. I know it’s irrational, but if I’m not on the site when they read what I’ve sent it all just seems less well, awkward.

Thing is, in real life I’m way, way less awkward, ( well, mostly, I have my moments, but that’s something for another time maybe ), so I don’t know why the internets makes me feel this way. Maybe it’s just the way it is, maybe online dating, by it’s very nature, is just awkward, maybe my messaging thing is normal, yeah?

*awkward silence*