So, 2013 seems to be about pushing boundaries, and trying out new stuff I honestly had no idea I could do. Case in point would be this week, where I spoke to a room full of people about Gender,Identity and the Internet.

If my comfort zone was a 5 mile radius around me, then this was ex-planet Pluto, in terms of shit I don’t normally do. I’m not a natural speaker I don’t think, I mean I have stuff to say, and given half an inch I’m completely up for grabbing that extra mile as well, but generally, i’m a contradictory kind of quiet.

Standing up in front of people ( and by people, I mean people that know a lot of stuff about what I’m going to be talking about ), is quite a big deal for me. I’m not hugely academic, and I don’t have a strong knowledge of Gender Theory. I’m not up on the latest movements, papers, and terminology either, but I do know what I see, and I know what I feel, and so that’s what I tried to put across instead.

I think i was a little ‘grass roots’, in that I stood up there with a bundle of notes i’d written a couple of days ago, and kind of just spoke. I think I was possibly a little ramble-y, and potentially prone to losing my threads, but I’d like to think I spoke with passion. My Dad’s advice was  ‘show them you care‘, so I tried to go with that.

I think it went okay, there were lots of questions afterwards, which I hope means people were interested, rather than just not understanding, and on a purely narcissistic basis, there is something about having a room of people listening to what you say that does good things to your confidence.

Would I do it again? Without a doubt.  Yep, without a doubt….