So, I went on another date. This time it was with a woman, and I did find her attractive, Rule #1 win!

It sort of went really well, and also really not so well, which I know seems like a contradiction, but well, you’ll see.

We meet, as usual, in a local pub, and we got chatting, we got drinking, and there seemed to be a thing going on. We had the eye contact, there was flirting, although I was also at this point quite drunk so how good the flirting was is another matter entirely. I’m going with top notch, mainly because we kissed, and then she asked if I’d like to go back to her place.

And this is where it gets complicated.

But how, I hear you cry, its going good! What can possibly make this seemingly perfect situation get complex?  Well dear reader, I make it complicated.

I’m not conventionally gendered, in that I am a woman, but I also have some male bits knocking about as well. There are a wealth of terms for how I am, but basically, it gets complicated if things ever progress beyond just kissing.

So we talk about this, and what it means in regards to getting it on, cause we’re adults, admittedly very drunk adults, but adults none the less. It’s a surreal thing to talk about, but also it’s good to talk about as well, for obvious reasons. Anyhow, there’s talking, and we work out how things might go, and we go back and we get it on. We get it on, and it is good. Admittedly for me it’s been a while, but even so , it was good. I’ll leave it to your imagination. I’m sure you’ll do it justice, you filthy beasts you. (I’d insert a smiley here if this was a text, just so you know i’m just joking when I call you filthy beasts, but it’s a blog, and we don’t do that sort of thing.)

So, I know what you’re thinking, this all sounds good, whats the problem kid? Well, the problem, it seems, is the cold light of day. I’ll explain all in the next post…….( see what I did there? It’s like an ad break! I’m a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar! )