I went on a date last week. Yep, an ACTUAL DATE. For Reals. It kind of sucked. Allow me to elaborate….

You know how I may of mentioned that you should only go out with people you find attractive? It was like a rule of dating I was imposing on myself, and stuff.

Anyhow, totally broke that rule.

In my defense, my date was a man, and its been an age since that happened, so I was curious, but still, should of listened to the rule.

We met in a local pub, which seemed like a good idea, public space and all that, and it would of been ideal, if it wasn’t for the fact that the whole evening was just plain awkward. There was no chemistry at all, which to be fair, was to be expected ( see the whole thing about finding them attractive ) and as a bonus we had some lovely visits from the God of long silences, despite my ( best? ) efforts.

In the end I cut it short with the classic ” I have an early start with work tomorrow” line, and left, which I’m sort of proud of doing, as old me would of probably just let it spiral onwards into a self destructive heap of awkwardness, so in that respect things have progressed, so yay me I guess.

Anyhow, onwards and upwards, plenty more fish, get back on the horse, and any other number of cliches you’d care you throw out there, I think a valuable lesson was learnt by all. I certainly learnt that you should definitely only go on dates with people you find attractive, and I think he learnt that talking about how you’re also currently having internet sex with a woman in Missouri, whilst on a date with someone else, is maybe a bad choice for a conversation starter.

No, really.