So, i’m using Okcupid to broaden my dating experiences, and I’ve noticed a few things. Allow me to expand in a list type form…..

1. Writing messages to complete strangers you find attractive is tricky, and awkward.

2. Replies to said messages are quite often few and far between. I can assume this is because of one of these things..

a) I’m not attractive to them

b) they can’t be arsed to reply through laziness/apathy.

c) I write shit messages to complete strangers I find attractive.

3. Rating people with stars is both slightly creepy and objectifying. It’s also strangely addictive.

4.Having to pay to see all the people who have rated you 5 stars is a rip off and tempting at the same time. *shakes fist at ego*

I’ve yet to get a ‘hit’ so to speak, there have been vague messagings back and forth between various people, but nothing promising as of yet, although one person did ask me if London was close to where I live, which would be a positive message if it wasn’t their first message to me, and if wasn’t literally just ‘ how far is London from Brighton.’  Nothing like cutting to the chase…..