So I decided, the other day, to put a profile up on a dating site again. So i’m busy filling in the various easy answer questions, where you click on the drop down menus and pick a choice, updating as I went along, and I get a message saying someone ‘likes’ me.

Erm……. right, you like me, even though the only things you know about me are that I like cooking and that I don’t have any pets. Honestly reader(s) I hadn’t even done the difficult about me bit where I actually have to write stuff.  Liking might be a bit preemptive I think.

I suppose this is the world of online dating, my like-ie might be a perfectly lovely person, but it just seemed a little desperate/creepy to me.

Anyhow, we’re going on a date next week, so that’s nice. ( kidding! obvs )