Ah, New Years Eve, how quickly you come round again. I’ve never been sure about it really. The expectation, the hype, the absolute necessity to have an excellent time, it’s all, well, a bit too much sometimes.

What if I don’t have a good time? What if i fall asleep before midnight? What if I drink way to much and can’t remember anything?

What if it comes to midnight, and everyone is Happy New Year! and having a great time, and i’m like the singleton in the corner?

So many what ifs to potentially screw things up. But then again, they are just what ifs, not actual reality. NYE is loaded, loaded with disaster, anticipation and disappointment, but it’s also loaded with hope, excitement and optimism.

So I might not hook up with anyone, but that’s cool, they’ll be other times. I might just have a shit time, but hey, it’s only one  night, I can just go home if it’s that bad. I might have too much to drink, but hey, that’s entirely my own choice, and I can live with that.

I’m going out tonight, on New Years Eve. I may see New Years day in having a drink in a pub or dancing my ass off to some obscure indie tunes or maybe even in bed. I don’t know, but whatever happens, i’m seeing it in with hope, optimism and excitement. Twenty-Thirteen, i’m coming to get you………