There’s something I’m not that good at doing. It’s something integral to meeting other people, and it’s something everyone else seems really good at.

I can’t really tell if someone is interested in me, or just being friendly.

It’s a stumbling block, that’s for sure. For instance I’ll be out having a drink with friends, and the person behind the bar smiles at me as I order new drinks for everyone. I smile back, but inside I’m thinking is she being friendly? Is she smiling at me because she wants to sleep with me?  Is she smiling at me because I’m buying stuff from her? And then it’s all she’s making eye contact, is that pay me eye contact, or you’re quite hot eye contact? If it happens every time I go up to the bar is that a sign? Or am I reading way too much into nothing at all?

How do you know people? how do you know? It’s all terribly confusing.

I guess I should elaborate, I have little experience in this aspect of singledom, I’ve always been ‘chased’ so to speak, so haven’t really had to do this whole working out who’s interested thing, as the people who have been interested have made it pretty clear ( using poems, ( yes I had a poem written about me, an awesome poem, I was a fucking muse for someone! Seriously, it doesn’t get better than that ) and kissing and such ).

A friend said her tactic is to give a compliment to the potential person, and if they give one back you’re probably got a shot. I can see the logic in this, but I don’t want to get into a feedback loop of compliments, which is a very real possibility with me as I’d want to be sure they actually were interested…..

Me:”oh hai, I love your dress! ”

Them:”why thankyou, I love your hair!”

*awkward silence*

Me:”also, love your erm….hands”

Them:”uh, thanks, I think? I need to go over there now”

Me:*sad face*

I guess you have to practice, and get knocked back  a bit when you get it wrong, and then pick yourself up and try again. I can do this, I know, I’ve done way tougher things than trying to find out if someone is interested or not, and yet I still can’t help but think… why is it so tricky to tell what someone else is thinking?