One thing I’ve noticed with being single is that I have lots of free time. When i was in a relationship it seemed that all my free time was used up being with that person, free time become couple time, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but it has made me less aware of actual free time. I think, because there’s someone else around to fill that time you become less aware of it.

But anyhow, I digress, whenever I’ve had free time, I’ve always tried new things out, to try and fill this new time I have. Sometimes these new things become things that I do all the time, and sometimes these things become things that don’t really fit, and I leave behind.

Things I’ve been into….

1. Dinosaurs (from  about 4 yrs old to about 12 yrs old ) – Dinosaurs are cool, they’re stupidly big, great to draw ( they look like how you’d draw them if you didn’t know what they looked like ) and they evolved into birds. What’s not too love?

2.Spirograph (for about 3 years in the 70’s ) – you make patterns with pens and shapes, the patterns mesmerise you, you make more, until every available surface is covered with  hypotrochoids and epitrochoids  of various colours and sizes. 

3.Playdoh (evolved form- Fimo) (from 4 to 14, on and off) – kind of went with dinosaurs, in that playdoh could be made into 3d dinosaurs, or at least vague representations of dinosaurs.

4.Guitar ( for 2 weeks when I was 16) – mostly hormones are to blame for this free time filler ( playing guitar=being in a band=being cool=sex ).  I was convinced as well that I’d have a natural talent for musical instruments and just be able to play them with minimal effort. Neither of these suppositions proved true. See also French Horn, Piano, Violin, Recorder.

5.Not doing things because people wanted me to do those things ( like forever ) – things that fall into this category include learning to swim, becoming a teacher, liking Pink Floyd,  sleeping at a reasonable/traditional time, being awake at a reasonable/traditional time, eating beetroot.

6.Body Combat ( now ) – you get to pretend to hit and kick whoever has pissed you off recently. To loud music.

7.Horses ( for 2 days in 1980 ) – I’d been toying with the idea of being into horses for a while, as it seemed pretty popular. Then I met actual horses and found them to be big, angry, bitey and unpredictable/sentient.

8.Soft Metal ( for most of 1989 ) – We’re talking Toto, Poison, Bad English, Mr Mister, Whitesnake, Europe, the list goes on and on. I can only apologise and move on.

9.The X-Files trading cards ( when i was 23 ) – I know. It seems a bit old to be into this to me as well.