I’ve just got home. I haven’t slept in my own bed for two nights. I’ve danced to obscure indie songs, most of which I didn’t recognise. I’ve watched Girls ( you should too, it’s very very good ) at at friends. I’ve stayed over and slept on a couch. I’ve rubbed someone’s back whilst they were sick and then cleaned up the mess. I’ve worked a stupidly busy day at work. I’ve drank a lot of rum, and also green tea. I’ve spoken to the person I miss most in the world using the magic of the internet, even though she’s 5,000 miles away. I’ve laughed till I cried at something that wasn’t even that funny really. I’ve had a very exciting time. Life is good…..

And yet…. I don’t know…. I see my friends in their relationships, and I think sometimes, even if it’s just for a while, even if it’s just a casual thing, even if it isn’t all whirlwind, heat and flash, maybe I’m missing something. I guess which ever side you’re on the grass always has patches that look greener from a distance…..