I haven’t been on a date since my last relationship broke up. It’s been like 6 months now, but I sort of don’t miss dating. I also sort of do.

I guess the solution is to actually go on a date, which is all fine and dandy, except erm… I have no-one to go on a date with. Everyone I know, with a couple of exceptions is in a relationship. A few years ago it was the opposite, where I was in a relationship and everyone I knew was single, but the universe has flipped the cards again.

The people I do know that are single, and possibly interested in me, I don’t actually find attractive anyhow ( Dating rule #1 find them attractive ) and anyhow, if I was to go on a date, I’d like them to be totally new to me ( Dating rule #2 don’t date friends ).

The thing is, life is great at the moment. Being single is a lot of fun, I come and go as I please, I do what I want, when I want, I am totally my own person, which is very very important to me, so maybe it’s not the right time for me to be dating anyhow. And yet, there is still that little part of me that’s you need someone, everyone else has someone, that’s what normal people do.  I don’t like that part of me, and I do discount it most of the time, because what’s normal anyhow, but you know how these things go, sometimes they get more of a hold than they should.

I guess if I was too start dating again, and I want them to be new, so to speak, then I could always do Internet dating, although that comes with it’s own risks ( Dating rule #3 when doing Internet dating, make sure they’re not serial killers or people you’ve already dated, which in turn leads to Dating rule #4 never go back, there’s a reason you broke up ).

On the plus though, it could lead to many amusing tales to tell……..