I’m a fairly happy person. I potter about, in a perfectly happy mood, most of the time. Sometimes though that mood is broken. Sometimes something happens, normally something small and dumb, that flips the mood right round into bad mood.

Things that put me in a bad mood.

1. Not having enough sugar. ( actual sugar, not sexual innuendo sugar )

2. Being tired/Being woken up when still tired

3. Techno

4. Fancy dress

5. Being cold or wet

6. Banging my funny bone

7. Stubbing my toe

8. Queueing for stuff. Especially food.

9. Other people

10. Technology being a dick

11. Adults with baby voices

12. Adverts with made up words that sound vaguely scientific in them

13. Making lists of things that put me in a bad mood. Grrrrr.