One bad thing about this single life is what you do when you’re ill. Now when you’re in a happy stable lovely relationship, if you’re poorly then it’s expected that your other half ( note to self- never use that term again, it looks at me funny and makes me want to glare ) does things like sooth your brow, buy you magazines, get you soup and make sure you’re not dead every hour or so.  This is all good and expected but …… hold the horses there, if you’re single there’s a vital part of this care plan missing, that being the other person.

Which is what I discovered after I’d thrown up at work and dragged my rather sorry ass back home. I got undressed and got into bed. I felt cold. I need a hot water bottle. None was forthcoming. I need some soup. The nearest soup is in my local corner shop. I’m ill! Ill people have to stay in bed! HotDamn!

So I get out of bed. I get dressed. I go to the shop and buy a tin of soup for a vastly inflated price. I go home. I do myself a hot water bottle. I feel like shit. I get into bed. I get out again and get undressed. I get into bed and hug the hot water bottle and eat my soup.

I wish I had some toast.